Sana Kazi


Transcending in space and time, seeking True Eternal Love, my art practice, is a culmination of the elements of spirituality deeply rooted in collective memory as history. It is limitless and ever-changing, restless and at peace the same time, revolving constantly in search for the Love of one’s True Beloved.

My entire art practice arises from humanity, a love that we share for each other, a love that is free from caste, color and creed, and a life that would break the divides and recognize each other as brothers and sisters in faith and in humanity.

In this great journey of life, discovery, intuitions, and knowledge, for me these paintings then become like a warm embrace of a lover, soothing, calming and full of passions and love, transferring sincere prayers and well-wishes onto the other.

The exhibition titled “Intercessor,” especially encircles around this very notion of prayer, and the final salvation of humanity.

The main source of inspiration for my paintings since 2016 is on Darood-e-Taj. “Intercessor,” is a humble effort into comprehending the essence of this beautiful Salutation. It would take infinite lifetimes to fully grasp its majesty, and yet still the process of understanding would be ongoing. Although, The Most Merciful, would open doors to Knowledge to whomsoever He pleases. Every single letter, word, and sentence, in Darood-e-Taj, has a deep-rooted meaning, understood gradually with time, and effort, and is not only in its recitation, but also the implementation of the teachings and way of the most Beloved Prophet of God, (PBUH.)

SANA KAZI (b. 1983, Pakistan,) lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. She received her BFA (Miniature Painting) and M.A Honors (Visual Arts) from The National College of Arts, Lahore Pakistan in 2006 and 2012 respectively. She is also an independent writer/ art-critic and teaches at the National College of Arts, Lahore Pakistan.

She has received a number of awards including an exhibition in New York, funded by the Rockefellers Brother Fund Foundation in collaboration with the New York Foundation of Arts (NYFA,) an exhibition in Washington DC, funded by the Crispus Music Industries and a solo residency in Abu Dhabi by the Art Hub.

Her solo shows include, The Sleeper Series, Rome, Italy, curated by Manuela De leonardis January 26, 2019 & Intercessor, Koel Gallery, Karachi March 26, 2019.

Her selected group shows include “Outliers”, The Franklin, curated by Ambereen Karamat & Lee Ann (2019), “Body Language”, curated by Quddus Mirza, Royaat Gallery, Lahore, 2018, I, too am part of this History, curated by Zahra Khan, Fakhir Khana Museum, Lahore, 2018. “Narcissus Reborn” Karachi Sanat Art Initiative, 2016, “Doppelganger” Islamabad, Khaas Gallery curated by Aasim Akhtar, 2015, “Patterns of Unity” Art Hub, Abu Dhabi, UAE. 2014, “In Transit” Chashama gallery, New York, USA 2013, “In Transit” Rohtas Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan, 2013 “Pakistan Now, Resurgence and Subversion in Art” curated by Ameena Chaudhry and Ali Adil Khan, Toronto, Canada, 2012, and “The Art of Story Telling,” New End Gallery, London, England, 2007.

Her Solo Shows include, Respite, Satrang Gallery, Islamabad, 2017, A Secret, Sanat Gallery, Karachi, 2017, Spatial Transcendence, Rohtas 2, Lahore 2014, Cognitive Transcendence, Karachi, Koel Art Gallery 2014, Transition, Degree Show M.A (Honors) Visual Arts, National College of Arts, Zahoor-ul-Ahklaq Gallery, Lahore, 2012, Happily Ever After, Zahoor-ul-Akhalq Gallery, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan 2006. Two person shows include a two year long travelling exhibit titled, Silent Decibels, Art of Music, 47 paintings, curated by Aasim Akhtar, 2009, (47 music paintings with 9 Dance Performances) in and from Lahore, (Alhamra Arts Council) Islamabad, (National Art Gallery) Karachi (Karachi Arts Council) and finally in to be a collection at the Washington, DC, with Music Museum, by the Crispus Industries.

Her upcoming shows are in Paris and Lahore.